Red Hot Sentences

This week we have been learning how to construct interesting sentences. Here is a little extra ‘Super Learner Mission’ for anyone who wants to practise using exciting adjectives and interesting verbs. 

Each of the sentences below has two nouns and a verb. Can you use adjectives to describe the nouns and change the verb in each sentence so it is more interesting? Write a reply with your ‘red hot’ sentences.
The mouse ate the cheese. 

The cat walked on the wall.

The lady drove the car.

The boy went to the park.

The girl ate an apple.

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Maths Challenge

Here is a little additional maths activity for those children that would like an extra challenge in addition to the weekly homework.  You can use a page in your ‘Super Learner Mission’ book to show your answers if you wish to record your work. Please do not feel this needs to be completed as it is an optional challenge.

Look at the magic triangle below. Using each of the numbers 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 once only can you make each row add up to 15?

2 Nov blog 2

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Our visit St Peter and St Paul church

We were very proud of the children on our visit to St Peter and St Paul church. They listened carefully to Reverend Ball and asked very thoughtful questions. The children enjoyed looking around the church and were very interested to learn how the church bells worked and what the pictures were in the stained glass windows.

On our way to and from the church the children enjoyed their walk through the park and were keen to collect Autumn leaves which we used for observational drawings. We were so pleased that the weather was kind to us and the rain held off whilst we were walking!




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How big is 10?

Over the last week we have been exploring the value of 10. We read a story called ‘How big is a million?’ and then used this as inspiration for our our own stories. We had to be a Captain Curious when exploring the value of 10 and an Imaginator whilst writing the stories. We then had the chance to share our stories with the children in early years. Thank you for listening to our stories Early Years. We hope you enjoyed them and we taught you something too!

image image image image image image image

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Samuel Pepys

This week year 2 were transported back 349 years back in time to 1666. We were visited by the diarist Samuel Pepys who told us a about his life and his famous diary. We learned about how the Great Fire of London started and ways in which people tried to stop the flames; using fire breaks and water chains.

What other interesting facts can you remember from Samuel Pepys visit?

IMG_0119-1.jpg IMG_0111-0.jpg IMG_0107-1.jpg

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Firefighters visit Bridgewater!

This week year 2 have had a very exciting visit from the local firefighters. We were very lucky as we all had the opportunity to explore the inside of a fire engine; use a fire hose and learn all about fire safety!

The firefighters explained how they use their equipment and other ways that they help people. We learned about the materials of a firefighter’s uniform and how they are protected when entering dangerous  situations.

What was the most interesting fact that you learned?

IMG_0071IMG_0033IMG_0053IMG_0050 IMG_0015 IMG_0025


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Tudor Houses

Year 2 have been busy learning about Tudor houses this week. We have found out about the features of these type of houses and researched what they were made of. The children have then used their knowledge to create their very own Tudor houses for our Fire of London display.

Year 2 can you describe some of the features of Tudor houses? What were the houses made from? What were the London streets like in 1666?


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Welcome back!

Welcome back Year 2!

It was lovely to see you all so enthusiastic and cheerful today. We have shared lots of exciting and interesting holiday news. We have also had a super afternoon partaking in a variety of team games. We have had to listen very carefully to one another, using our Captain Concentration and Co-operation skills.


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Our final products!

We have been learning about how to make our own moving vehicles in Design and Technology this term. We were asked to produce a vehicle that would be suitable to travel through the rough terrain of the rainforest. We have learned about axles and wheels. After lots of debugging we have finally finished our jeeps!
What do you think of them? Which part of the making process was the hardest?










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Moving wheels and axles

We have been extremely busy in year 2 today, assembling our own moving vehicles. Last week we designed and planned out what materials we wanted to use and considered the aesthetics of our final product. We had to consider the size and shape of the wheels, the height from the ground and how to join each component together. Once we have finished making them we will test them out to see how fast they can travel!




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